Amendments to the Belgian Supplementary Pensions Act (WAP/LPC)

Following the law of 18 December 2015, published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 24 December 2015, the second pension pillar has been considerably modified. The amendments are designed to ensure the viability and the social character of supplementary pensions  and to strengthen its complementarity in relation to the statutory pension.

Firstly, the law executes the agreement obtained by the group of ten (social partners) on October 16, 2015 on the revision of the legal minimum return for complementary pensions. Secondly, it has the objective to improve the position of  the so-called ‘sleepers’. Finally, it emphasizes the complementary nature of the second pillar pension.


A newsletter explaining the main changes to the legislation concerning complementary pensions is now available in French and Dutch.


Modifications à la loi sur le pensions complémentaires
  Wijziging van de wet op de aanvullende pensioenen

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