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Distressed Debt – An Opportunity in the Making?

Senior members of our global investment research team share their perspectives on today’s investment landscape and discuss the investment trends they envision over the next few years. What might these mean for your investment portfolio and what action should you look to take?

Look out for more as we continue the series over 2016!

Corporate credit trading at distressed prices are surpassing 2011 levels, and lower rated credits have significantly underperformed higher-rated credits. Despite the uncertainty and volatility in credit markets, we believe it is an exciting time in which investors should focus on the risk and return characteristics of the underlying assets rather than just the structure and liquidity terms of the holding vehicle itself.

In this video, Phil Edwards (European Director of Strategic Research) and Paul Cavalier (Global Head of Fixed Income Boutique) discuss how credit conditions have evolved in recent months and what opportunities that might create for investors in the UK and Europe. 

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Our Manager Research team consists of experienced individuals based in various locations throughout the world. There are four specialist boutiques that provide comprehensive research into the strategy offerings in the relevant asset class. Each boutique is staffed with professionals who have research and consulting capabilities; conduct forward-looking, institutional quality research on investment management products; and work closely with both internal and external clients on manager structuring and selection projects. The research process is consistent across all boutiques and across all regions, providing a common language and a seamless offering to clients. 

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