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Mercer | CareerARc Candidate Care

Only 1 in 219 applicants is hired. What about the other 218?

Leave a positive impression with every candidate by offering a complete suite of career transitioning tools.

Introducing Mercer’s Candidate Care Initiative, powered by CareerArc. Your employer brand touches each and every job applicant- and since not all get hired, one way to leave a lasting impression, and create brand evangelists is through helping declined candidates with what they want more than anything else – a new job. This is a stressful time for applicants, where a positive experience could be even more impactful.

Show you acknowledge the person behind each application. Give all declined candidates access to Mercer | CareerArc Candidate Care award-winning software, complete with resume and cover letter builders, skills assessments, video interview practicing, job matching tools, and more. 

Turning negatives into positives – Instead of creating brand bashers, you’re creating brand evangelists. 218 “Silver Medalists,” who received a thank you / consolation prize – rather than 218 freshly disappointed candidates who let loose on social media.


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