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2016 Stock Market Decline Impacting Compensation Decisions

Many organizations have experienced stock price declines ranging from 15% to 25% so far in 2016; for some, the decline follows moderate to significant declines in 2015. Depressed stock prices may lead to significantly lower values of outstanding grants and pending performance plan payouts, and the impact of the market decline would extend well beyond equity grant practices.

For 2016, companies and their compensation committees face a challenging environment for compensation program design and decisions, as they must balance the need to motivate and retain key talent in an uncertain and volatile economy without raising the ire of investors and proxy advisers. 

Complexities of Executive Compensation and Rewards

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  • Improve your ability to attract, retain, and motivate key executive talent.
  • Align pay with your organization’s strategic needs and relevant talent comparators.
  • Realize value in ownership transactions.
  • Keep compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines.
2016 Stock Market Decline Impacting Compensation
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