Mercer | 2016 TRS Launch Meeting

Mercer | 2016 TRS Launch Meeting

2016 TRS Launch Meeting

17 March 2016  Belgium, Brussels

  • Programme
    • The purpose of the meeting is to provide you with an overview of the survey process. Additionally we will review in detail the job matching methodology and Mercer’s tools available to assist you with survey participation. We plan to involve participants in job matching exercises to give you hands on experience with Mercer's tools and methodology, to ensure the highest quality of job matching across the survey.

      We trust that this meeting will provide you with valuable information on Mercer's TRS.
      If you are new to the survey, or looking for a refresher in Mercer’s survey process and job matching methodology, we strongly encourage you to join the meeting.  

      Kindly note that the meeting will be held in English.