Compensation & Benefits : A Changing World

11 October 2016  Belgium, Brussels


  • Introduction

    The way we interact with and manage our workforces is rapidly changing. Employee demographics have never been as diversified as they are today and the availability of technological tools has also never been greater.

    With all of these changes come great opportunities but also potential pitfalls. It is thus important that we all, as C&B professionals, understand that these changes require us all to reassess the way that we implement and manage our C&B programs.

    This year’s C&B meeting has been designed to share and explore these pressing issues in collaboration with you.

  • Agenda

    12.00 – 13.00   Lunch

    13.00 – 14.00   Global and Local Compensation & Benefits Trends  - the latest results of our Global Talent Trends Survey will be presented and will be translated to determine how these trends apply to the Belgian ‘local’ context.

    14.00 – 14.30   Building Compelling Careers - how do you build and communicate compelling careers to your employees

    14.30 – 15.00   Coffee break

    15.00 – 16.00   Workforce Analytics Case: Learn to analyze your own organization - A hands-on exercise where you will see how data driven HR can be utilized to manage your workforce

    16.00 – 16.30   Cultural Differences: an introduction and how it links to C&B - The Compensation & Benefits field tends to be data driven but the importance of the communication and implementation of strategies is often under estimated. This is made even harder by a multi-cultural workforce. We will provide an introduction to cultural differences and show you how this can be applied to your daily C&B initiatives.

    16.30 – 17.00   Data insights in the latest results of our Total Remuneration Survey Belgium - Last but not least, we will of course provide you with our latest insights in our Total Remuneration Survey Belgium 2016 results.

  • Venue

    For this year's C&B meeting we have chosen the inspiring setting of Living Tomorrow.

    Living Tomorrow
    Indringingsweg 1
    1800 Vilvoorde (Brussels)

    The concept of Living Tomorrow is unique in the world. It provides a hub for innovative enterprises and showcases how new technologies will change our future life, home and workplace.

  • Register

    If you are interested in attending this event, please contact your Mercer Consultant or Annie Vanooteghem. 

Date & Time

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
13:00 - 17:00
Registration and lunch as from 12:00


Living Tomorrow
Indringingsweg 1
1800 Vilvoorde (Brussels)

Free parking available at the venue.


Free of charge but registration is required.
Please note that we organize this event for clients and potential clients.  


If you have questions or if you wish to attend, please contact Annie Vanooteghem (marketing).